Energy Drink. Is it Healthy?


Five individuals have died in recent years, and the results is thought to be Monster Energy Drinks.

A 24-ounce can of a Monster Drink contains 240 milligrams of caffeine. According to F.D.A that is three times the amount found in an 8-ounce can of Red Bull and about 50 milligrams more than a 20-ounce can of Red Bull. People don’t realize that these energy drinks are unnecessary and that there are plenty of other alternatives.

There are a wide variety of healthy, all-natural foods and drinks that can replace these hazardous energy drinks. For example, fruits are made up of natural sugars that give you energy. Some fruits are higher in sugar and will provide the energy boost you need, just like an energy drink. Grapes, bananas, cherries and pineapples are just some of the fruits that have the largest amount of sugar, but are still healthy for you and just as effective as energy drinks.

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