Ello Might or Might not Replace Facebook, but the giant social network won’t last forever

ElloEllo is the new kid on the block that is embarking on its journey to conquer the social media industry.  Ello began its social media conquest by invitation only.   Ello used 31,000 new volunteers who agreed to be beta testers.  It was said ” On Thursday, the Ello team had to shut down the new invites to the site as they struggled to keep up.  Perhaps Ello was not ready to start their journey when they did, but they are out now.

Ello is set out to protect user-data and stay advertisement free.  Ello users will be able to personalize and still engage in social sharing. The ability to keep and share ideas, links and lists, and keep things private

Some people might be looking forward to a different social networking site.  Facebook has been around for quite some time but it might be the time for a new site.  We can all remember how long Myspace lasted, but will Facebook one day be ancient history?


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