Education reform is at a standstill in the Statehouse


The education reform is causing quite a conflict in the statehouse.  The politically rocky issue with teacher evaluations seems to be a topic of concern.  Republicans are pushing to hold teachers accountable for student’s test scores.  Democrats on the other hand are asking that schools become acquainted with the changes made last year.

Is this the best way of evaluating whether a teacher is good at teaching?
Value- added is a way of measuring teacher effectiveness based on student scores across a school would look like a bell curve, with 20 percent or so being highly effective, 65 percent being effective and a tail end of 15 percent of the teachers being deemed not as effective.  This system has its critiques because some teachers would be highly effective in one year and end up being ranked on the lowest range in the next year.

It seems like teachers are being assessed on their performance a lot and there is much attention around them, but what about student performance?  One of the better questions is how can we help students become better learners?

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