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Ana Agarwal, who heads edX, says that education is about to change dramatically. EdX is a $60 million MIT-Harvard effort to stream a college education over the Web, free, with plans to teach a billion students“Massive open online courses,” or MOOCs, offered by new education ventures like edX, Coursera, and Udacity, to name the most prominent will affect markets so large that their value is difficult to quantify. About 80 million people, is enrolled in K–12 education, college, or graduate school. Direct expenditures by government exceed $800 billion.

Coursera, an alliance between Stanford and two dozen other schools, claims that it had 1.5 million students sign up.

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    Course Finder 7 years ago

    Information, Education and Communication Planning An online course intended for information officers in the public and private sectors who would like to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the planning of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) campaigns to generate awareness and increase knowledge of audiences on development programs and issues.

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