Education Schools Innovate to Supply STEM Teachers

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Colleges are finally evolving and Graduate Ed programs are increasing field experiences in math and science coursework.

Kaleigh LaRiche spent two years after college working in wildlife education and she thanks the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship  is a two-years master’s program that recruits accomplished teachers in science, technology, engineering and math.    This is a positive program that prepares teachers to work in high-need schools.

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship is a model program to fulfill President Barack Obama’s call for 100,000 highly qualified STEM teachers over the next decade, and to get them ready for the much-anticipated new K-12 math and science standards.  Teachers that follow this program focus on making learning a hands on experience.

LaRiche says “They are not used to learning this way”.  “They are used to a teacher lecturing, taking notes, doing worksheets and labs.” The goal is to make clear that science is a process.

How are these new teaching innovations helpful in learning?

According, to National Research Council these learning  innovations reflect the latest thinking about what is needed to put better science and math teachers – all kinds of teachers, in fact – into classrooms: an emphasis on subject content knowledge, abundant field experience and high-caliber candidates, as outlined in a 2010 .

The Wilson Fellowship partners with several graduate schools of education in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and New Jersey, including the University of IndianapolisBall State University, the University of MichiganWayne State University and Montclair State University.

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