Education In South Africa


In South Africa, the math academic is not looking so good. These results have caused struggling to overcome inequality and give services to all citizens. The government have tested about 7 million students in 24,000 schools: the results are not what they expected. Students are being left behind in the math curriculum.

The average first graders have a score of 68 percent in math. Compare to the ninth-graders, the score was very low. Barely 2 percent of the ninth-graders scored more than 50 percent in math tests. The department of basic education said that not everything is bad news, third graders gained higher scores than last year. Thirty-seven percent of third-grade math students scored more than 50 percent in the math test this year, compared to 17 percent last year.

South Africa nation spends 207 billion rand, which is about $23 billion in U.S. dollars. This budget educated an estimated of 12 million students. This budget will increase in the next year to about 236 billion rand.

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