Education In Japan


Japan’s educational system consistently makes the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s top-20 list.

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently ranked Japan’s schools fourth after Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Private spending on education in Japan is twice the O.E.C.D. average.

According to the O.E.C.D, almost 30 percent of Japanese students attend private schools.

Many Japanese parents also enroll their children in special cram schools, or juku, to help them prepare for exams they’ll take years later to enter private junior high school or public or private high school.

Juku offer extra classes after school and sometimes all day on Saturdays in math, science, English, Japanese and the social sciences.

Teaching methods vary, but they inevitably involve lots of memorization and test-taking strategies.

Almost one quarter of elementary school students and nearly half of junior high school students attend to Juku school.

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