Education Cost More & Provides Less


In 1984, about half of every dollar in higher education came out of the state budget. Today it’s closer to 13 percent at the University of Texas at Austin and 22 percent at Texas A&M University in College Station.

Public education is the subject of continuing litigation over state financing and constitutional requirements and perhaps trying to find more money for schools. But that’s a different story, because the state government is only part of a system that also includes local school districts that pay a share with locally raised taxes.

State colleges and universities get their money from a variety of sources, and some argue that the state isn’t legally obligated to pay more or less than it does. Legislators used to set tuition rates and also budgeted what the schools would get from the state, but that ended a few years ago. Now legislators used to set tuition rates and also budgeted what the schools would get from the state.

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