Education boards seek link to meet workforce needs


7188865043_0cd06f78d5State officials are finally connecting the dots on education and the labor force.  Now their next steps are how will they train people to be able to do jobs that are in demand.

After hearing a presentation on how higher education is working with the state Department of Economic Development and the Workforce Commission to tailor more university and community college courses to fill jobs that are available, Roemer said middle and high schools are “kind of late to the party.”  High schools are authorized to offer a “career diploma” but few students are taking advantage of the opportunity.  Research has shown the programs aren’t really designed to prepare graduates for available jobs.

Have state officials realized too late that the right education for a specific job is essential?

Now that they have determined that the right job training will open doors for people with degrees.  The next challenge will be how are people going to pay for their degrees.  State tuition is quite expensive and this is the biggest deterrent in  getting an education.

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