eBay hasn’t emailed all customers about the attack

Exclusive- User Data At eBay wasn’t Really Safe

Exclusive- User Data At eBay wasn’t Really SafeHackers are expanding the companies that they hack and Ebay has not notified all of their users.

These attacks expose shopper’s identity theft and that is a huge problem for people in the long run to fix.  A simple e-mail to all of Ebay’s users would have been more than enough to notify them of the hacks.

How can users protect themselves if they do not know they have been attacked? It should be a priority for companies to notify customers if they have been attacked.  Unfortunately there is no nationwide law forcing companies to notify customers of data breaches by hackers.

Some shoppers are appalled about the lack of notification on this hacked incident because Ebay continues to send advertisements to their e-mails.

Will this incident jeopardize shopping on Ebay?

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