East Asian Students Outperforms U.S

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On an international standardized test, the U.S perform above average results on math, science and reading tests. According to experts, these results shows a fundamental problem in America’s education system. They believe that students tend to perform worse as they get older.

Jack Buckley, leads the U.S Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics, says “When we start looking at our older students, we see less improvement over time.”

In the comparison of world education systems, East Asian countries have the upper ranks. They have outperforming the U.S. ranks. The tests measures different groups of students from year to year. Overall, the U.S. ranked sixth in fourth-grade reading, ninth in fourth-grade math, 12th in eighth-grade math, seventh in fourth-grade science and 13th in eighth-grade science.

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    mapquest directions 2 months ago

    East Asian students who excel in the US are very surprised and excited. Thanks for sharing this information.

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