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A new health database for Labrador retrievers aims to change the puppies daily routine so they can grow  to be healthy dogs.

In general, some puppies are healthy from birth, while others are inbred or sickly.

The database has enrolled more than 1,407 adorable puppies and tracks their health problems as they grow.

On January 16, according to the database, researchers could identify genetic and environmental factors such as exercise and food that keep Labrador retrievers healthy.

In the first year of life, about eight in 10 puppies were ill, but only half of those dogs needed to see a vet.

Dylan Clements, a veterinarian at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh said in a statement, “We hope to follow the health of these dogs throughout their lives so that we can identify aspects of care which might reduce the risk of dogs developing disease in the future.”

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