Doctors: We could go out of business

doc and patient

The topic of health care reform is not one that only affects patients and people who are uninsured.  Doctors are worried as well as they anxiously wait for the supreme court’s ruling on health care in the US.

According, to a recent survey of 673 physicians across 29 specialties said “their financial hardship is increasing, making it “harder for them to earn a decent living,”.

Why are doctors struggling with finances?

One of the reasons is school debt, rising business expenses, shrinking insurance reimbursements and costly malpractice.

For doctors that have their own private practice the prognosis for staying opened are low.  There was 17% of doctors that have private practice that state they could foresee closing it if the financial situation does not improve.

Some doctors approve Obama care “I feel strongly that we need a single payer to compete with insurance companies. [Still] I think the relative lack of physicians in the decision-making entities is a major problem for fixing health care.”

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