Disruptions: Social Media Images Form a New Language Online


vineCommunicating through images is a new and exciting trend in technology today.  Communicating through images it is so much simpler than texting a message.  Not surprisingly, the largest social networking companies are spending billions of dollars to be the place where consumers latch onto these visual nods.

In another form of brisk visual response, Snapchat is a mobile application that allows a person to take and send a picture or video, then control how long — up to 10 seconds — it’s visible to the person who receives it. After the photo is viewed, it disappears forever, like a casual exchange on the street.  With video communication there is no language barrier people from all over the globe can chat with images that translate into a universal tongue. Do you speak only Mandarin? No problem, you can now communicate with someone who speaks only English. Take a picture and reply. Germans and Spaniards? Snap! Send. Done.

As great as communicating through images might be is this helping people communicate more, or is it simply decreasing human interaction in person.

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