Digital Technology and Engagement Health Platform

Digital Technology and Engagement Health Platform

Digital technologies are changing the way people monitor their health and interact with healthcare professionals. It creates an opportunity to engage and help Hispanics during the digital health revolution.

Enough cannot be said about the importance of engaging the fastest growing demographic in the United States, especially in health care where there is an upside market of untapped consumers.

Consider the following key drivers:

1) Rapid population growth- 1 out of 6 people in the U.S. are of Hispanic origin and every 30 seconds a Hispanic turns 18.

2)  A high prevalence of chronic illnesses -1 out of every 5 diabetic adult is Hispanic and nearly 1/3 of Hispanic adults are obese.

3) In the Pharma category alone, Hispanics contribute $23 billion to the total U.S. market.

4) Hispanics are using their mobile devices to do more things, more often than non-Hispanics. According to PwC, they have adopted and embraced mobile technology at an equivalent or greater extent than non-Hispanics across a wide variety of activities.

More Hispanics than non-Hispanics use social media, mobile apps, and internet searches to find information about doctors and insurance companies, and Hispanics are more likely to be influenced by the information when making decisions about care and insurance plans. According to Hispanic Pew, not only are Hispanics obtaining information from media sources, 79 percent say they are acting on this information.

eMarketer reports that nearly 7 in 10 Spanish-language preferred Hispanic internet users frequently use social media apps. Latinum Networked 2013 research found that nearly 70 percent of Spanish-language preferred Hispanic internet users reported that a social media app was one of their top three used apps.

What do these numbers mean to healthcare brands?

Mobile apps create an untapped opportunity to engage Hispanics. Healthcare companies are reaching out to the Hispanic community’s needs to develop mobile apps that help them navigate health issues.

Why it matters?

Brands can make a cultural connection, increase loyalty and trust by integrating themselves in a relevant way to provide health and wellness opportunities for Hispanics.


Javier von Westphalen @javiervw



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