Depression Means No Health Insurance: Sorry About That


Could  a history of depression keep you from getting adequate health insurance?  The majority of Americans in the United States suffer from depression.  So why would insurance companies deny someone of coverage because of depression?

Therese J Borchard argues that she is a very healthy women who engages in healthy lifestyle activities and participates in cognitive behavioral therapy.  However, Therese struggles with health insurance because of her history with depression.  Therese states “I can’t get an individual or family plan short of signing up for a $10,000 deductible.”  Therese claims her illness falls under the ABCs of the non-insurable which are categorized as the preventable illnesses.

A – Asthma (and, hell, let’s throw in Arthritis)

B – High Blood Pressure

C– Cardiovascular Disease (and Cancer, sometimes classified – I know – “preventable,” but which is surely a insurance-killer)

Double D  – Diabetes and OF COURSE Depression

According, to Mental Health America, clinical depression is just as serious and costly as heart disease or AIDS to the U.S. economy.  It costs over $51 billion in absenteeism from work and lost productivity and $26 billion in direct treatment costs.

The chronic disease health tag is the following:

Cardiovascular disease and stroke: $313.8 billion in 2009

Cancer: $89 billion in 2007

Smoking: $96 billion in 2004

Diabetes: $116 billion in 2007

Arthritis: $80.8 billion in 2003

Obesity: $61 billion in 2000

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