December means Bloginaldos for Latinos in Social Media

We are back with the weekly Twitter parties after the Thanksgiving break.  Now in December, we will do something unique to continue to support each other in our social media efforts: The Bloginaldos – The same concept of the traditional Aguinaldos (Parrandas, Sarandelas, Posadas or however you call it in your own country).  The difference is that instead of visiting each other’s houses, we’ll visit each other’s blogs (cyberhomes). will sponsor these parties and every day, we’ll have a winner of a $25 Target Gift Card.  Here are the rules:

1)      Visit a blog written by a Latino or a Latina

2)      Leave a comment

3)      Retweet the post link with #Bloginaldo #Latism written on the tweet

The idea here is to promote each other’s blogs and businesses in the holiday spirit of sharing.  There will be a winner every day of December starting today.  In order to join the parties on Thursdays at 9:00 pm EST, just login to Twitter and use #Latism at the end of your Tweets.  Otherwise you may enter one of the chat rooms:

This week, winners will be selected randomly.

For those who are not familiar with the Aguinaldo concept: In Latin American countries, during the month of December the neighbors gather to sing Christmas carols in different houses. So each house offers ginger tea, sweet bread and other goodies. The concept behind the Aguinaldos (Posadas in Mexico) is to open our homes and share what we have with each other.

Please share the Latino(a) blogger directories in order to give people a better idea where to find our wonderful blogs. Y que viva la fiesta!




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