Dead patient? New tech gives students another try


mannequinThere is new technology that allows medical students to practice on mannequins rather than on humans.   

Over 700 students studying in various fields practice at UNLV’s Clinical Simulation Center, a 32,000-square-foot lab that has been set up like a real hospital. It offers standardized patient rooms, medical labs and surgery units, and students from three colleges pay lab fees to use the facility.

The  patient was a life-like mannequin, one that can speak, bleed, sweat, cry and “experience” medical conditions like heart attacks and seizures.

Students are allowed to practice on these mannequins and not on humans.  Dr. Allen Pourmoussa, a resident at the University of Nevada School of Medicine said “Once you’re there in real life, there’s real consequences, but over here you can make your mistakes, gain your confidence, gain your knowledge, and then once you go out there you’re better prepared to do it on real people,”

Students are able to prepare emotionally and treat the mannequins as real humans and are affected when they can’t revive the mannequin.

This new technology can help revolutionize the medical profession the mannequins aren’t real patients so there is no pain or damages.

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