Dark Net: Anonymous Underbelly of the Internet


darknetThe Dark Net sounds like a scary movie, but this online haven for criminal activity is not made of fiction at all.  In the darkest corners of the Internet, “for sale” signs are popping up for some troubling products. From fake IDs to illegal drugs to high-powered weapons.  “We’re looking at an offer to sell and army tank and rocket launcher,” said a Dark Net expert as he pointed out Dark Net sales offers.

The Dark Net is a scary hiding place where IP addresses disappear and data is encrypted — a place law enforcement agencies would prefer nobody knew about. The FBI has even halted investigations into Dark Net activity, saying it’s impossible to trace.

Detective Brian Haney says, “For every genius working in the programmer world trying to figure out how to hide from us, we have equal geniuses on the law enforcement side trying to find back doors into their evil genius’ ways.”

How can we protect ourselves from the horrors of the Dark Net?

Change your online passwords often and shred financial documents before throwing them away.

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