Constant Surveillance System Will Make New York a Police State


This past Wednesday the NYPD has unveiled new computer system, called the Domain Awareness System.

What will this do to stop crime in New York City?

The Domain Awareness System will consolidate every NYPD database and allow immediate access to  everyone of over 3,000 cameras in the city.  The system will be able to identify license plate numbers and check them against a watch list.  After setting off immediate alerts if authorities find  a match this will pull up crime records and arrest warrants instantaneously.

NYPD will be making some money from this deal with Microsoft.  They actually approached Microsoft about designing a new system and were involved every step of the way.  Microsoft has agreed to give NYPD  30% of the profits made from selling this technology to other cities.

Chris Dunn,  New York City ACLU Associate Legal Director stated “We fully support the police using technology to combat crime and terrorism, but law-abiding New Yorkers should not end up in a police database every time they walk their dog.”

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