Company Introduces Solar Power Kit to Charge Devices



The Power8 Ultra-Lite Smart Solar Kit conveniently charges phones, tablets, laptops. 

TOKYO—Style meets function in a new powerful and ultra-compact solar power kit that efficiently charges phones, tablets, and laptops. Designed by Italian entrepreneur Vincenzo Lufino, the Power8 solar power kit overcomes shortcomings of portable solar power kits on the market, and Lufino has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000 by June 29 to help get the product to the international market.

 The Power8 was designed in Japan where founder Lufino has lived for more than a decade and experienced the type of emergency for which the Power8 kit was designed. “After experiencing the great East Japan earthquake in 2011, I was immediately turned on to solar power and how it could be used in an emergency situation,” said Lufino. “I noticed that the products on the market were not powerful enough. They also lacked style and convenience.”

 The Power8 solar kit’s four-watt combination panel and storage unit is compact enough to fit ina pocket and can charge an iPhone 30 percentin an hour. The super-small and stylish storage unit doubles as a water resistant flashlightand holds enough charge to bring an iPhone from zero to 100 percent charge. It comes in a choice of five colors – green, blue, dark grey, light grey, andpink.

 The Power8 kit was designed with two smart technologies to eliminate needless shutting off due to intermittent sunlight and to allow charging the device and battery at the same time. “It was important to me not only that it outperform similar products on the market but also that it has a sleek design,” said Lufino. “The Power8 is designed so that you will want to carry it when you travel.”

 Several prototypes were created until a mass-production model was achieved last year. The Power8 is dependable and stylish and works well in the city, in the country, and in emergencies. “We have covered our manufacturing bases very thoroughly, and we are ready to deliver,” said Lufino.

 Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign will receive discounts on Power8 products. Early birds contributing $30 will receive on Ultra-Lite Smart Battery Flashlight, and those contributing $45 will receive on four-watt Ultra-Lite Smart Solar Panel. Early contributors giving $65 will receive one Ultra-Lite Smart Solar Kit, which includes the four-watt Smart Solar Panel and Smart Battery Flashlight.




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