Common painkillers ‘pose heart risk’


Ibuprofen and Diclofenac are two pain killers posing threat to those who consume them heavily.

Who are the people that face the most risks?

Patients who use these drugs for arthritis, which can also decrease inflammation in daily life.  A study published in the Lancet, showed the drugs posed even greater risks for smokers and the overweight.  The study showed  that for every 1,000 people taking the drugs there would be three additional heart attacks, four more cases of heart failure and one death as well cases of stomach bleeding – every year as a result of taking the drugs.

Prof Baigent said: “The higher your risk of heart disease, the higher your risk of a complication. Roughly speaking, if you’ve got double the risk of heart disease, then the risk of having a heart attack is roughly doubled.”  It is important to pay attention to any predispositions to heart disease because taking these pain killers can put a strain on your health.

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