Common Core Standards Will Slowly Help States Improve

Common Core

Common Core
The much-discussed common core standards for public education in math and English will come into play in most states next year. Those who support them feel that over time, they will help raise all student standards by helping to get rid of the lower and often conflicting educational standards used by states right now. However, many of the more gutless politicians are bracing themselves for a parental backlash. Why?

Simple. Because once the initial test scores come back and show just how badly many kids are doing, parents will demand answers and politicians, used to hiding, lying, and blaming teachers, will finally have to own up to the truth: They should get the hell out of education and leave it up to the professionals (teachers). The current standards are so screwed up that a student in one state who is doing well, according to that state’s standards, would be an abject failure in another state that just happens to use higher standards. The common core will put everyone on an equal footing and make the job of measuring student progress far easier.

What parents need to realize is that much of the derision being heaped on teachers is purely political in nature and driven by the Republican party (authors of the No Child left Behind debacle) and more specifically, their backers who own private schools, testing companies and other businesses that benefit from the damage being done to public education. In the long run, the common core will help your children and help this country. In the short term, parents need to let teachers teach and save their ire for the real culprits: Testing and charter school companies and the politicians they’ve been buying.

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