College Graduates Are Stealing Low Skilled Jobs From Low Skilled Workers


It is not a surprise that recent Bachelor of Arts graduates struggle to find jobs.  Students loan interest rates are soon going to sky rocket, so how can a student go straight to graduate school without the needed funds?

The jobless rate for workers with a BA degree are 3.8% in March vs. 11.1% for those with less than a high school diploma and 7.6% for those with a diploma, but no college.  It is quite troubling to find that people too many people are going to college and majoring in subjects that may not meet the requirements of the available jobs.

Could this be the reason why higher education is loosing its value, are people getting in a senseless debt?

  • In March, there were 49. million people in the labor force with a bachelor degree or higher.
  • Individuals with some college or an associate degree rose 9.2 million to 37.2 million in March.

What do these statistics ultimately mean?  College students go through graduation prerequisites and cannot find a job in their field after graduation.  Graduates end up taking low skill paying jobs to make ends meet leaving less educated people without jobs.

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