College Enrollment Falls as Economy Recovers


nJCrr.Em.56The pursuit of higher education in recent years is highly impacted by the economy.  As graduates attempt to find a job in their fields the economy impedes them from paying back those dreaded student loans.  The college-age population is dropping after more than a decade of sharp growth, and many adults who opted out of a forbidding job market and went back to school during the recession have been drawn back to work by the economic recovery.

Colleges fear that their high prices and the concern over rising student debt are turning people away, and on Wednesday, President Obama again challenged them to rein in tuition increases. Colleges have resorted to deeper discounts and accelerated degree programs.

What are colleges doing to get more people enrolled in their programs?

Colleges have resorted to deeper discounts and accelerated degree programs. In all, the four-year residential college experience as a presumed rite of passage for middle-class students is coming under scrutiny.

The issue of student debt and a struggling middle class is a reflection of our economy.  The less skills an individual may possess the harder they must work and wages do not always compensate for the hard work of people.

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