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Are you familiar with cloud computing?  Doing business has moved from the ground to the clouds, and I don’t just mean because business has grown increasingly global.  Business transactions are growing increasingly digital -from mobile business calls to Skype conferencing to laptop desks – and with that, comes digital storage. Welcome to the world of cloud computing.  With cloud computing, the paradigm for how data storage is perceived is shifting completely.

Instead of file cabinets that take up rows and rows of office space, cloud computing stores everything in a magical place way up in the clouds, where computers can sync up and communicate invisibly. Many companies prefer cloud computing for its privacy – the switch to make data visible can be turned on and off, and only certain users will be allowed to certain certain file cabinets. Plus, with cloud computing, storage space nears infinity.

But with every digital endeavor comes the danger of privacy. The threat of hackers becomes a lot more real as data becomes a lot more technological, and many companies are hesitant to commit one hundred percent to an exclusively online archive.   Here’s some more information.

Infographic provided by Ivan Serrano




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