Children’s Hospital L.A. program reaches out to teen dads


6a0133ec8b2e2a970b017615a4c3b6970c-800wiThere is a dire need for more teen dad programs; the forgotten partner in teen pregnancies is a big issue for young teenage couples.  These young fathers can benefit from relationship classes, job placement and social services.  As young new parents teens do not know what to expect with the new responsibility of having a child.

L.A. Fathers Program at the hospital is designed to reach the often forgotten partner in teen pregnancies and dispel the stereotypes attached to the young men — deadbeat, irresponsible or absent fathers.  The voluntary program scours some of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles to find young fathers and provide them with free parenting and relationship classes, job placement and social services. In about a year, they’ve had nearly 250 teen fathers go through the program.

Programs like this encourage young fathers to be more proactive in the lives of their children.  This ultimately helps the dynamic of the family and causes less stress for young mothers.  Teaching young men the responsibility of being a father will change the course of the child’s life and the mother.

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