Can you really really really use a Chill Break?


Mi gente, I don’t know about you.  But I can really really really use a summer chill break now!  The good news is that we have a fantastic opportunity to give one of you a huge regalo! Picture this… you and 14 of your friends together, picked up in a limo to just chill out, have fun and drive around the city or wherever you want for up to 5 hours.  That’s exactly what McDonald’s is bringing to us this weekend.  The outing will include a V.I.P. stop for a Cherry Berry Chiller Break.

So here is how you can get this amazing regalo:

1)        Post a fun picture on one or all of the following platforms:

Twitter (one entry)

Facebook (one entry)

Instagram (one entry)

Your blog (like Wordless Wednesday – 5 entries)

2)      Answer: Why I really really need a chill break? In one sentence

3)      Tweet your entry with the #Chillbreak and #Latism hashtags

4)      Pin your picture on the #ChillBreak board (or we’ll pin it when you tweet the post)

5)      Turn on your velita (or whatever works for you) for some luck!

The winner will be selected randomly so no need to get obsessed with pins, retweets and likes.  The spirit of this contest is to chill out and have fun so we’ll stay true to the mission.  Of course, we also know that for many of us “fun” = “Sharing” and showing mucho love to each other.

Super important to know that entries will be accepted until Tuesday, August 14th.  We will announce the winner on Wednesday, August 15th. The winner must live in the US and you must redeem the price by September 1st  this year.  So start planning that birthday party or that Girls Night Out (GNO) – Boys Night Out (BNO) from today.  You’ll be the envy of the whole barrio when they see you picked up in your fancy limo!

Buena Suerte

UPDATE: Vicky Barrios, a Latina that makes us all proud as a PHD student won the well-deserved #Chillbreak with this entry.  Help me congratulate Vicky and wish her a fantastic time in that fancy limo with her family and friends.



    Silke 7 years ago

    That sounds awsome!!!! Who doesn’t need a GNO? 🙂

  2. Talk about a fiesta in style!! 😉 will definitely get in this tonight

    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita 7 years ago

    GREAT! I really need  to CHILL!

  4. webcitygirls// 7 years ago

    #Chillbreak has been instagram and Tweeted by @webcitygirls:twitter 

    AnaRC 7 years ago

    Mil gracias mi Reina! eres lo maximo

    AnaRC 7 years ago

    That makes two of us!

    AnaRC 7 years ago

    Wepa! welcome to the fiesta 🙂

    AnaRC 7 years ago

    Me! I badly need one

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