Calling for LATISM Leaders

What Latism has accomplished in so little time (under 4 months) is just amazing.  To mention a few triunfos, our Alexa score for this site is: 572,926 in the world and 103,086 in the US.  This score takes years of hard work to a typical website.  Instead our collective power is showing its potential again and again.  Great! we have the traffic, we have the interest, we have the momentum.  Now what?

As you know, Latino(a)s in Social Media was created to provide a space for Latino leaders to connect, network, empower, learn, mentor and have fun.  We are doing most of that individually.  Now, what’s missing is a collective force.  On the practical sense let’s just imagine a few scenarios:

1)  just imagine that only 20% of the LATISM members link your blog/website/e-commerce to theirs.  That would be 400 links and a 70% improvement on your score and your search level. 

2)  just imagine that we all followed each other on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Digg and so forth.  That would be an impact of over 2000 growth with the blink of an eye.

3) just imagine if we all decided to push 5 LATISM Companies/Blogs every week. 

4) just imagine if we dared to review the top 500 companies based on their women/minority business buying statistics.   

5) on a deeper level: just imagine if we were to come up with ONE VOICE on some of the Latino related issues.

My friends, we have the power of social media.  It is up to us to use it or let it just be “simple hype, smoke, mirrors and snake charming” like Johnny Rivera said in his blog. Our collective power (the number of followers each leader has when adding all the social media platforms) has been calculated over 800,000 and it’s growing every day. 

Now it’s the time for leadership.  To roll up our sleeves and define a clear direction, real strategies and definition.  We are calling for leaders to help us with this.  So many of you have expressed interest in helping out and getting involved.  Now is the time.  The following positions are open:

Latism Treasurer: This leader will help us manage a budget with the donations, sponsorships and event tickets.  The budget will need to be public to all Latism members in order to ensure transparency.

Latism Sponsorship: This leader will help us contact potential sponsors and will be the contact point of existing sponsors.

Latism Twitter Party Manager: This leader will be in charge of accepting all the give-aways from the different sponsors and distributing them during the parties and/or the blog.  Also to keep the information of the prize winners up to date in Facebook.

Latism Community Organizer: This leader will be in charge of the Latism Directory.  He/she will approve all new entries, make sure that it is up to date, that it has enough exposure and that new members know about it.

Latism Blog Master: This leader will be responsible of keeping the blog up to date.  Inviting new writers to post blogs and promoting the posts in Twitter.

Latism Secretary: This leader is in charge of  logistics.  Distribute the messages from to the appropriate leader. And in charge of the Latism rotations.

Latism leaders will now include the HQ, the State, and the above role leaders.  If you are interested, let us know the role or the State at We will all rotate the following responsibilities:

Twitter parties: Lead the party and send out all the promotions from the Facebook/LinkedIn groups.

Latism Twitter Account: Tweet all Latism member promotions, blogs and Latino-related articles.  Transmit all DMs to the account for proper distribution and transparency.

In the meantime, we will continue the discussions that were started during Latism-NY in the shape of Facebook discussions.  I will post them next week and everyone is welcome to join.  By Thursday 22nd we should be ready to narrow our discussions into concrete votes.  The questions are the following:

1) What is LATISM? Jose Vilson

2) Where is LATISM going (long term strategy)? Ramon Nuez

3) How can we leverage the LATISM network? Ali Curi

4) How can we sustain LATISM and its events? Generoso Roca

5) What language  does LATISM speak – How can LATISM help Hispanic PR/Marketing corp?

You may join one or many discussions based on your area of interest.  We need to have a clear definition ready in one month.  That will give us enough time to plan for 2010.  I am pretty sure I have forgotten a role or two.  Please let me know, help us make LATISM better every day.




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