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LATISM is proud to team up with Univision to raise awareness about the importance of affordable high-speed broadband access, especially in the homes of Latino families. 

Broadband adoption plays a critical role in the homes of  Latino families with school-aged children. It allows students to conduct online research, interact with teachers, access to digital learning opportunities, educational resources, online classes, and collaborate in ways unimaginable.

Broadband access has become increasingly necessary to complete basic schoolwork. According to the Federal Communications Commission, seven in 10 teachers assign homework that requires Internet access. Yet, nearly five million American families with students at home go without regular broadband access.

Too may students, especially in undeserved areas, go unplugged without access to learning opportunities after the school bell rings–the “Homework Gap.” For these students, Broadband access at home can be the difference between keeping up in class and lagging behind–a situation which can potentially widen the achievement gap. 

We must ensure  students are equipped with the tools to succeed in today’s digital economy and expanding broadband access is an important step in making it possible.

Join us this Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 9pm ET for a Broadband Awareness Twitter Chat with Univision as we discuss the importance of affordable high-speed broadband access and safe Internet usage.

Follow the conversation using the hashtag #AvanzamosConectados



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