Bringing the Power of Programming to Latino Students with Make School

A topic of conversation that you can always find at LATISM is ‘How do we use technology to improve the lives of others?’ LATISM has hosted three Hackathons at our annual conference to encourage attendees to use their creativity and programming skills to create something that will do just that.

Now, we are proud to partner with another organization who is leading the way in providing access to programming for everyone. Make School is a place where everyone is trying to change the world with technology. At Make School, education is focused on building apps and websites that improve the lives of those around you. Students learn the underlying computer science theory, development best practices and design principles that enable them to ship polished products.


This partnership is in alignment with LATISM’s commitment to educate and empower our Latino leaders to leverage technology and innovation to drive the changes that are needed in our community. Check out how Make School Summer Academy is teaching high school and college students how to build apps from start to product launch.


Make School Summer Academy

The Make School Summer Academy is designed to teach product development to high school and college students passionate about technology. In the Intro Track, students learn Swift and programming fundamentals. In the Games and Apps tracks, students expand their knowledge of programming and ship their own original iPhone app to the App Store.

As part of this amazing partnership, Make School is offering FIVE full-tuition scholarships for the Summer Academy to our LATISM community! That’s a generous $7,000 scholarship per LATISM applicant. Visit this link: to apply for the Make School Summer Academy. Share the link with the students if your lives who can benefit from this experience and education. The Summer Academy is open to anyone age 13 and up.


The application deadline for these scholarships is May 31, 2016. Awardees will be notified via email. The Summer Academy will be at the Make School San Francisco location.


The Power of Programming: Weekly @LATISM Twitter Chat with @MAKESCHOOL #LATISM #MAKESCHOOL


We will celebrate our partnership and discuss the power of being the creators of technology this Thursday night, May 12th at 9 p.m. EST. We invite you to join us! Come ask @MakeSchool any questions you may have about their programs. Engage in the conversation around Latino leadership in creating using technology to improve the lives of others.


When: Thursday, May 12th at 9 p.m. EST

Where: Follow the hashtags #LATISM #MAKESCHOOL on Twitter

Co-Hosts: @LATISM @MakeSchool

Moderator: @mendezgonzales


About Make School

Make School was founded to empower students to build and ship products. Creating a product that improves the lives of others is a thrilling and fulfilling experience that opens the door to a successful career in tech. We’re building the college experience we wished existed, one where students are passionate about building real-world products. Learn more at



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