Break Through medical technology saving cancer patient’s lives

Break Through medical technology saving cancer patient’s lives

Medical technology is contributing to saving cancer patients.  Researchers have developed a new cell therapy that is fighting cancer quickly!

This treatment has patients going into remission in a matter of a few days.  “This is pretty incredible, using a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer,” said ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser.

Do you find this incredible research shocking?

Researchers worked with five patients that battled with untreatable cancers.  There are patients with great recovery stories.  David Aponte was one of the many patients undergoing chemotherapy and it was ineffective.  David decided to join the T-cell study and eight days later, his leukemia was gone.  Emma Whitehead is a seven year old who tried this chemotherapy and also went through remission.

Researchers used a virus to inject genetic material into a patient’s white cells to turn them into cancer fighters.  This method of treating cancers seems to work the best with Leukemia patients.

Doctor Brentjens an Oncologist working on this study would like for the treatment to be available in other centers.  Funding is a huge part of this study and in developing new treatments.  Without funding cancer researchers will be limited in scientific investigations.  Don’t forget volunteers are very important in these studies.

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