Bostonians Face Anxiety, Difficulty Sleeping — the Fallout of Living in Lockdown


The victims and friends and family were not the only impacted by the bombings in Boston last week.  The public has suffered as well from the tragic explosions after the marathon in Boston last week.  Boston was in a State of Emergency and City residents had to cope with living in lock down.  They may have also experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Jeff Magill, project coordinator for Behavioral Health Emergency Management stated “If you’re in Boston and you’re close to the center of it, the greater the danger [of  symptoms].  The symptoms that Bostonians are facing can be anxiety and disrupted sleep.  Although Post-traumatic stress is a typical, normal reaction,” said Magill. “You [may] see some change in your ability to adapt or be just a little bit more edgy or having more mood swings than you had before.  These symptoms should go away in a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

How can residents in Boston cope with these symptoms?

it was  important to keep a normal sleep routine and find support from family, friends or even pets.

People will finally gain a piece of mind when the suspect is caught and the investigation is more concrete.

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