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During an interview in October 26 with Brandon Cotter, CEO of ZenCash, the company was founded because of the pain that Cotter suffered early in his career in trying to get paid by his customers. He found that his lack of customer cash put him in a tough spot when employees, suppliers, or landlords asked for their money. Brandon started his online retailer,, which is an internet service provider. Which later on in 1997, it was sold to

In 2011, Brandon founded ZenCash, which is a whole receivables management business that includes debt collections agencies and makes up a multi-billion dollar business. In 2010, they helped businesses recover $55 billion in debt. And there are about 2 million small businesses in the U.S. that could potentially benefit from the service. ZenCash has made considerable prorgess since launching in February 2012. Since then it has established eight partnerships with invoicing/accounting companies including Intuit’s (INTU)QuickBooks, Xero and Clio.

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