Billion Passwords Stolen: Change All of Yours, Now!


passThe invasion privacy with hackers and identities seem to be never ending.  Your personal information could be at the hands of a hacker in any part of the world.  We are so vulnerable to identity theft that we could never be too safe.  According to The New York Times, 1.2 billion username and password combos and more than 500 million email addresses from some 420,000 websites.

People keep blaming poor passwords for the scam, but the magnitude of the hacker attacks goes farther than having a weak password. These are the tips to prevent getting hacked:

  • Pick a sentence (not a common phrase or saying) that can be boiled down to a string of letters, numbers and symbols.   Services such as LastPass, Dashlane and KeePass create and manage complex passwords for you.
  • Some sites, including Gmail and Twitter, offer two-step verification — which requires users logging in from a new device to enter a code sent to the mobile phone linked to the account.
  • Don’t use a debit card to make purchases online — credit cards offer more comprehensive protection against fraud.
  •  Install software to scan for viruses, spyware and other potential problems, and then use it regularly.

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