Big Data could generate millions of new jobs


It is expected that US companies will need 1.9 million tech workers by 2015.  The economy is still recovering from the recession so this is a sign of hope for most people.  What people need to know is what are the top skills employers look for?

According, to Peter Sondergaard, a senior vice president at IT research firm data scientists are in demand.  Analysts are not the only specialists needed, individuals that can translate mathematical models into English will be needed.’s ranking of the top 10 tech skills Big Data needs now:

1. Hadoop plus Java — “the Number One combination by a large margin,” notes the report, adding that’s “not surprising given that [Hadoop] is a Java-based framework.”
2. Developer
3. NoSQL
4. Map Reduce
5. Big Data
6. Pig
7. Linux
8. Python
9. Hive
10. Scala

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