Best Health & Fitness Apps


For many people, they are taking health more seriously, whether it’s losing a few pounds or just being more active.

There are many health apps in the quest to help us make healthier choices and get in shape.

Here are a few healthy techs available:

Jawbone UP

This is a  health-tracking devices. This bracelet cost $129 bracelet.

You can use it to track your activity during the day, your sleep at night, as well as log food intake and mood to give you a better overall picture of your health, happiness and calorie input and output.

It includes a silent alarm that will wake you in the morning at the right time and a buzzer to remind you when it’s time to get up and get moving during the day.


Fitbit is another popular wearable activity tracker that, compared to Up, is slightly cheaper $99.

The small, lightweight device clips onto your clothing or fits into an elastic armband when sleeping.

It works like a charm, tracking the number of steps one takes each day, the amount of sleep one gets each night, is sensitive to movement and offers a look into the number of calories burned each day.

Users can keep the dongle in a USB port of sync it with Fitbit’s new Bluetooth radio functionality.

As to the data, users can view their levels of activity in graphs, food and calorie intake, and add in other data, like blood pressure mood, etc.

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