Baby Boomers Health Tips


Here are the top 5 tips for the baby boomers, which is the generation born betwwen 1946 and 1964.

No 1: ‘Boomeritis’

Some orthopedics doctors use the term “boomeritis” which means the high rates of tendinitis, arthritis, tears and fractures among baby boomers.

No. 2: Brain games

Many baby boomers are playing video games that are designed to improved memory and attention, which studies shows that games are healthy for the aging mind.

No. 3: Sexually transmitted diseases

Divorced baby boomers are dating again and are no longer concerned about pregnancy, experts say that they need a refresher course on safe sex.

No. 4: Hepatitis C

According to the Center for disease control and Prevention, they recommend that all baby boomers should get tested for hepatitis C. In every one out of 30 are infected, but not all of them know it.

No. 5: Free preventive care

It’s up to baby boomers to get screening for hepatitis, mammograms, flu shots and any other preventive care that can be covered under most health insurance.

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