ATM thieves conducted massive cyberattack


Cyber attacks have been a topic of concern lately as people’s personal accounts are being hacked.

There was a reported $45 million stolen from automated teller machines in a first-of-its-kind heist made for the 21st century, authorities in New York said Thursday.  In a period of seven months hackers broke into computer networks of financial companies in the United States and India and eliminated withdrawal limits on prepaid credit cards.

U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said “This was a 21st-century bank heist that reached through the Internet and spanned the globe.”

What facilitated this theft from cyber hackers?

New payment systems — such as those being built into smartphones — raise a variety of new risks for consumers.  New technologies and the rapid growth of the Internet have eliminated the traditional borders of financial crimes and provided new opportunities for the criminal element to threaten the world’s financial systems,” said Steven Hughes, special agent in charge of the Secret Service office in New York.

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