Apple Sued by Former Retail Workers for Unpaid Wages


imagesApple is facing a class-action lawsuit by Former Apple store employees in New York and Los Angeles.  The former employees state they were forced to wait in line for 30 minutes a shift for their bags to be searched for stolen goods.  This type of treatment is unfair and demoralizing for retail workers at this company.  They have reported to have lost $1,500 a year in lost time in these searches.  Why should they have to loose time in their day and be subjected to waiting in line to be searched like criminals in front of the whole store?

Apple declined to comment. “We don’t comment on pending litigation,” said Amy Bessette, an Apple spokeswoman.  Unfortunately, Apple is not the only retail store that has this employee theft prevention program.  Forever 21, the clothing retailer, was sued last year by its employees who said they were kept at stores during lunch breaks so their bags could be searched.

These retail companies need to search employees on work time and not keep them extra time, so that they aren’t sued for lost wages.

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