Apple Offers Trade-Ins on Third Party Chargers


In a move that was likely advised by legal counsel, Apple is offering to take any third party USB charger for an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or other Apple device and issue a genuine Apple product for an additional charge of only $10 (or the equivalent in local currency). The unusual move comes in the wake of the death of Ma Ailun of China. She was electrocuted last month when she was using her iPhone while it was plugged in and charging. Later investigation indicated that the charger in question was not an Apple product, but a third party unit.

Ironically, many of the third party chargers sold for Apple products are manufactured by the millions in China and can be purchased online or in retail outlets for a fraction of what the genuine Apple chargers cost. Thus, many people who purchase an Apple product invariably buy an extra charger or two for use at the office or in the car as Apple only supplies a single charger with a new device.

Since Apple introduced the iPod, then the Iphone and finally the iPad, the market for such accessories has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The program from Apple will be worldwide and will begin on August 16 and continue until October 18. Chargers can be turned in at an Apple retail store or an authorized reseller. One per device will be allowed and the serial number of the device must be given to Apple at the time of the exchange.

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