Announcing the LATISM BlogHer Scholarship Winners!

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For the past couple of months, LATISM has been working in collaboration with a group of Latina movers and shakers within our community in a campaign that includes, among other things, a Survey to study the Latina Blogosphere and a  Social Fiesta at the BlogHer Conference in August. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, LATISM is now able to offer five additional scholarships to bring a group of Latina women bloggers from around the United States to the BlogHer ’10 Conference.

The submissions to apply for our scholarship poured in from around the Latina blogosphere – so many in fact, that our amazing Scholarship Selection Committee has had a very tough time trying to narrow it down to just five winners!

From the mother of five who started blogging in order to share her daily experiences with her family, to political and environmental bloggers and everything in between, EVERY SINGLE APPLICANT is worthy of a scholarship. The five selections below represent the submissions that garnered the most votes and support from our Latinas in Social Media committee, in a very transparent and democratic process.

Today, we are proud to announce the recipients of the Latinas in Social Media BlogHer Scholarship [in no particular order]:


Social Fiesta at BlogHer '10 I'm Going BadgeWinner: Liz Cerezo

Blog[s]: Thoughts of a Mommy (TOAM), Disneylandia al Día (D.a.D)

TOAM is a blog in Spanglish showcasing an array of giveaways, product reviews, and recipes with a Latina twist.  Disneylandia al Día is the only blog in Spanish about Disneyland in California.

Winner: Janis Casares

Blog[s]: Sneak Peek At Me

Janice uses her role as a special needs mom to bring awareness and advocacy to parents/children with special (or medical) needs.

Winner: Maegan “la Mamita Mala” Ortiz

Blog[s]: Vivirlatino

A daily site, completely mujer-owned and written on Latino politics & culture from a radical perspective

Winner: Blanca Stella

Blog[s]: Mi Caminar

A blog about motivation, inner peace, inspiration and faith

Winner: Dariela Cruz

Blog[s]: Mami Talks

Dariela writes about anything related to family, life, whatever inspires her as a mom/woman/designer/latina as viewed through her camera lens, her bi-cultural family and her design point of view.

Scholarship Winners Will Receive [Estimated value: $800]

  • A Full-pass conference ticket
  • A hotel room shared with another Bloguera
  • Partial cover of flight ticket
  • Access to Conference sessions and networking parties, including our very own Social Fiesta on Thursday August 5, 2010

Criteria to win the scholarship were:

  • Must be a Latina
  • Must be a Blogger
  • Must be over 18 yrs. old
  • Must be a U.S. blogger
  • Blog must be at least 6 months old with over 75 posts
  • We also looked at factors like geographic representation, blog topic and seniority

The Process and Follow-Up:

We received a total of 33 applications to our Latinas in Social Media Scholarship. All applicants’ information was compiled, reviewed and voted on by our Scholarship Selection Committee. All votes were then discussed and tallied. Winners were selected by amount of votes from each of the committee members.

Because we believe every single applicant on that list deserves a scholarship, we have decided to take steps into getting the applications fulfilled via additional donations and other tactics.  We will reveal our plan of action to help bring the rest of our non-winning applicants in a separate communication, so stay tuned.

LATISM is keeping the roster of applicants and the remaining, non-winning applicants will be given priority by order of votes. A full list is available upon request. To obtain the full tally of votes, to inquire about your standing in particular, or if you’re interested in helping more Latinas to take advantage of this learning opportunity, please contact Elianne Ramos at



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    The submissions to apply for our scholarship poured in from around the Latina blogosphere

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