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LATISM is excited to announce our 1st annual Virtual Holiday Book Drive!

From December 20th to December 31st, 2010, Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] is asking YOU to nominate your favorite library via our Twtpoll below. We are urging our members and supporters to unite nationally and work toward a common goal: to give US Latinos, and Latino children in particular, access to books.

Why does Latino literacy matter?  Illiteracy is linked to nearly every major socioeconomic crisis today.  Children who cannot read are statistically more likely as adults to suffer poor health, struggle in the job market, rely on government assistance, and find themselves in the criminal justice system.

With 1 out of 5 children in the country being Latinos and Latino educational levels reaching the point of national crisis, it is imperative that we do something to promote reading and support the faltering library system. Our future as a culture and as a nation depends on it.

Education, and reading as an integral part of it, is the biggest challenge our community faces right now. We are making a call for our members to uphold our ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service and make a difference today in conjunction with LATISM!

We hope to reach our national goal of at least 500 books for one under-resourced library in the Continental United States.

Please nominate your favorite library and tell us why it should win. The library with the most votes will get ALL books collected during our drive. Nominate the winning library for our Virtual Book Drive & YOU get to represent LATISM at the book delivery ceremony!

Donations are made possible via the generosity of our partnering sponsors, publishers and authors, including  Grupo Nelson, Raul Ramos y Sanchez, Gina Ruiz, Julio Varela and many more. This list is growing by the minute and will be updated as it does. If you’re an author or publisher and would like to participate or donate books, please contact us at :

The winning library will be announced during our LATISM Twitter party on January 6th, 2011 [Three Kings Day]. After the announcement, we will publish the address to the winning library for those who’d like to donate books directly.

LATISM thanks you in advance for your help with this worthwhile community project. Working together, we can give hope to thousands of deserving local children, simply by giving them a chance – a chance to read and succeed.

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    Raul Ramos y Sanchez 9 years ago

    Elianne, I am very proud and excited to take part in the Virtual Book Drive. I have already spread the word on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. Very soon, I will be reaching out to folks on my email address book with the same message. I urge all my fellow authors and colleagues in the publishing business to do the same. This is a wonderful cause and one for which it is so easy for us to help. Thanks for creating a great idea!

    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Great job Elianne. Raul, you make us proud with your talent. Literacy is the best gift we can give our youth. Thank you for making this happen.

    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    I love this initiative. I took the time to pull the data from IMLS 2008 info which is the latest available.

    I compared the libraries nominated, based on their stats available at the Institute of Museum and Library Services and I voted for MORENO Valley Library for three main reasons:

    1. Their print materials for circulation is the lowest at only 0.61 per capita (They could really use more books)

    2. Visitors per year is good at 280K (kids only about 4K which needs to improve)

    3. Their budget has only $12.18 per capita with only $0.38 per capita from State aid and NO Federal aid. (which means that they have no money to buy more books)

    I’m rooting for Moreno Valley but the next one up was Brownsville Southmost Branch with slightly higher Operating budget of $15.56 per capita.

    A big thank you for making this one possible!


    annmariastat 9 years ago

    Los Angeles Public Library – Main library

    This is the greatest library ever! You can never be in this library without your faith in human beings restored – people spent money to make this a beautiful place from the hanging sculptures inside to the fountains in front.

    Every inch of the library is filled with people. I really like how the children’s section is a very safe place. The librarians watch the kids like a hawk – in a good way. There are always children of every age, from story hour preschoolers to kids doing their homework. There is also a teen section for older kids.

    Yes, they have several floors of books, but they are very heavily used by the community so I am sure anything they received, especially for the children’s or teen section, would be put to good use.

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