And Now, We all need to learn to Glog…..


Since its introduction earlier this year, Google Glass, the wearable camera/computer device has been making an impact in the worlds of communication, technology and social media. As the author of the attached story will attest, using Google Glass is a very new experience and allows the wearer to quickly share what they’re seeing and doing in pretty much real time and from the perspective of the wearer as opposed to just another cameraman. It’s like playing a first person video game with the whole world as the stage and thankfully, without the usual wanton destruction.

Glogging, or blogging using Google Glass is somewhat similar to vlogging or video blogging, but with several key differences. First, because Google Glass is wearable it allows both hands to be free, so real hands-on experiences (no pun intended) are now easy to share. It’s great for documenting active and/or outdoor experiences that might have otherwise involved another person acting as cameraperson.

One point the writer makes is that glogging allows for a more intimate form of communication because the viewer is seeing things from the point of view of the person actually doing or experiencing the act or event. He uses the example of a mother holding a newborn and seeing a very special look on the child’s face that is reserved only for a parent.

This sort of technology always brings out those concerned with privacy as well as those eager to push the boundaries and existing limits. Once Google Glass comes into wide use (it’s being tested right now by a small, hand-picked group) those who choose to wear and use these glasses will need to start to think about what they’re seeing and sharing, especially in public places and with other people involved who may not be interested in being on camera.

Glogging may turn out to be a very useful activity and it will, very likely, change the way in which many people choose to communicate. Like all new technology, ultimately, its effects really lie in the hands of those who choose to use it.

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