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world_pic_infographicsMath, science, and reading are all subjects that every nation covers.  While education in the United States is under attack by budget cuts, how do other countries stack up? has created an infographic entitled “Analyzing Education around the World”, comparing countries like Germany, South Korea, and Australia in areas like class size, graduation rates, and pupil to teacher ratios.

Pupil to teacher ratios have always brought controversy to the education system of the United States, but how do we stack up to other countries?  In Elementary school, The United States has an average of 15 students per teacher, while the United Kingdom has 21, Spain has 14, and Germany reports 19.  This infographic also covers the averages of Sweden, South Korea, and Australia.  In high school, the numbers are re-assessed to show some startling changes.

There are two assessments that enable us to compare the time spent studying across the world. These assessments are the TIMSS and the PIRLS.  These assessments show us the amount of time, in hours, spent studying subjects like math and science in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and South Korea.

Graduation rates are also a factor to inspect.  Two countries have had an impressive increase in graduates over the last ten years: The United Kingdom and Australia.  Both of these countries have seen a 14% increase in high school graduates since 2001.

Focusing on improving education around the world will ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations!

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