Amped Up: Caffeinated Foods And Beverages Attract More Scrutiny

energy drinks

energy drinksMarketing strategies geared toward the youth and adults who consume energy drinks are making huge profits, but are they simply advertising addictive beverages?

GfK MRI Teenmark® survey, whose respondents are ages 12-19, show that 33% of this age cohort have consumed an energy drink in the last six months. Males were dominant, at 58% of users, and overall usage was fairly evenly distributed throughout: ages 12-14, 34%; ages 15-17, 36% and ages 18-19, 29%. Monster was indeed the leader, at just over half of the 12-19 market.

Adults are not paying attention to the side effects of these energy drinks.  There was a reported 33% of adults who consumed them in the last six months attended college.

What is Monster doing to stop young people from drinking their beverage?

Monster’s label states that the drink is not recommended for children. Moreover, the company notes that any 11-year-old can walk into a Starbucks and purchase a coffee with as much or more caffeine per ounce than Monster.

Children should be detained from drinking these caffeinated drinks.   Too many children are consuming these drinks. Children are supposed to be naturally energetic and should not rely on an energy drink to get through their day.

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