Airline passengers’ complaints rising as seats get smaller, more flights are overbooked


Airline passengers are not content with the size of their passenger seats, Why would they be?

“The way airlines have taken 130-seat airlines and expanded them to 150 seats to squeeze out more revenue is finally catching up with them,” says Dean Headley, a business professor at the University of Kansas.

The airline industry is trying to squeeze everyone because they want to earn more revenue.  How long will this last?

They are looking for more ways to squeeze in more seats by even making toilets smaller.

Passenger with tickets were denied on planes in the past due to lack of space.  The rate at which passengers with tickets were denied seats because planes were full rose to 0.97 denials per 10,000 passengers last year, compared with 0.78 in 2011.

Passenger complaints are regarded as indicators of a larger problem because many passengers may not realize they can file complaints with Transportation Department, which regulates airlines.

Are airlines improving travel service?

Airlines are doing a better job at getting passengers to their destinations on time.

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