Aereo: Pay for Free TV


Pay for Free TV, does that mean that TV isn’t actually free if you have to pay for it?

What is Aereo?

The way Aereo works is broadcasters control the re transmission of their shows online.  It streams TV from antennas to customers via internet connections.  Customers that are in the New York Metropolitan boundaries can pay from $1 to $80 a year.  The service is accessible on a computer Web browser, Apple iOS devices (via Safari), and Roku set-top boxes.  The technology behind Aereo is free over-the-air broadcast television with the exception of Bloomberg television.

What audience is Aereo intended for?

Aereo is intended for people who travel, If you’re someone who is into sports, or if you want to stay on top of the local news, but you’re frequently away from home.  Aereo is a wonderful way to gain access to those broadcasts without having to purchase and set up a Slingbox.

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