A Truly Devastating Graph on State Higher Education Spending

A Truly Devastating Graph on State Higher Education Spending

Over the past several years the decrease in funding for higher education has been alarming.  For example, in Arizona, federal funding for higher education was cut in half. In the state of Arizona higher education funding was cut in half!  Wyoming and North Dakota are the only two states that increased funding.  What about the rest of the states?

Let’s find out!

Tuitions have been going up since 2008 and this is a result of higher education cuts.  In this economy most American families struggled to help their kids pay for college.  These cuts are making tuition rise every year for some colleges and the quality of education is compromised.  Fortunately in states like Missouri, colleges are not allowed to raise tuition more than a certain amount each year. The cuts have also affected faculty size at colleges.  Less professors means less individual attention for students and more work load for the staff.

What long-term effects will higher education cuts have on students? An influx of student bills, delayed graduation, and less jobs available on campus.

Some argue that tax cuts in higher education are long overdue and that not all High school students should be encouraged to attend college.  College is not necessarily a fool proof way to attain a well-paying job, it also heavily increases the chances of an individual getting a job.

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