A Call For Latinos Unidos

It’s been a tough week for LATISM. We’ve been accused of not knowing what a real blogger is, of reporting inaccurate numbers, of taking commission money from a company, of intentionally keeping silent in front of attacks and false associations for the sake of private gain, of receiving undeserved praises since we’re not really influencers after wall, of allowing illicit use of the LATISM brand, and on goes the list. To me the worst part is that some of our community members have been asked to chose alliance in the spirit of “with me or against me” old crap from the 50s like it used to happen with the mafias.

My initial reaction was to ignore everything. In the end, my style has always been “A palabras necias, oidos sordos” (help me translate that in English, but it’s the equivalent of ignoring provoking statements). However my LATISM compadres have demanded that I make an official statement with clarifications about the rumors. I still don’t think I need to since actions speak louder than words and everyone who counts in the Latino sphere knows about LATISM, who we are, what we do, what is our mission.

I do feel the need to call for Latinos Unidos. Whenever we start these cheap fights in public it only damages our image as a community. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. That was the main reason why many of us ended up in this country. For the freedom of expression and the opportunity to take a piece of the pie. However we kill our businesses and organizations with lies, accusations and fights. That is totally against entrepreneurism, against community building and against professionalism.
We’ve looked like a circus lately in some pretty important platforms.

The minute we learn to show a united front, we will empower our respective businesses, causes and ideas. This doesn’t mean that now everyone has to merge, hug and kiss. Not at all. This means that we must treat each other with respect and professionalism. That we must emphasize our strengths and unique differential advantage without the need to trash or spit someone else’s work.

I have received many calls from brands about this issue. My excuse tends to be that we are a young community, that the entrepreneurs at stake are young and just getting started in their business, that they are rushing to make things happen fast thus the reason to literally copy cat ideas, names and concepts, and so forth. But, entre nosotros, se me cae la cara de verguenza.
(between us, I’m totally embarrassed). I can’t understand how those who promote division and hatred can’t realize that they’re only hurting their own image and brand, certainly not the ones they are accusing.

You all know that I’m not a marketer. As a developer I’m not used to this type of fiercely, backhanded competition. The IT sector tends to be very black and white about business ethics. You never know when you will need a competitor to win a bid or to get a project so you try your best to build strategic alliances. The typical approach is “hoy por ti y manana por mi” (today for you and tomorrow for me). Quality is our way to stand out. Never backstabbing since that would totally remove us from a circle of trust. There are fights, yes, big ones. But they remain internal and they are only a strong sign of a desire to collaborate (if not we just ignore each other and move on). You can then imagine my asombro in front of this bochinche de patio. I’ve been told that this is normal in the marketing world. I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s a justification. I know many marketers who are super professional and talented in their work. Regardless of the industry, this is WRONG.

I beg everyone to make an effort to push for unity. Don’t say about your brother what you wouldn’t want to hear about yourself. And if someone comes to you with a bad rumor, please stop it right there. You don’t even know if the rumor has been motivated by a misunderstanding or by a hidden agenda. So why pass it around? Remember that what comes around goes around. Let’s BUILD a healthy Latino business spirit. Let’s BUILD a strong Latino industry of professionals that can make everyone proud. Let’s BUILD more businesses and welcome competition. Let’s BUILD more organizations and support one another. Let’s BUILD more partnerships. Let’s BUILD more alliances. Let’s BUILD AND NOT DESTROY.

I know it’s harder, I know it takes longer, I know it’s not as fun and spicy sometimes. But only by BUILDING a United Latino Front we can make a difference in this country. Take a look at the Jewish community. Why can’t we take their example? See how they support each other, defend their businesses and take pride in each other’s success. Maybe internally they kill each other, but for the world, they are ONE. Let’s build a collaborative approach. I have no doubt that we can make it happen. If our previous generation didn’t succeed in this, I know for sure that this digital generation can and will foster a smarter and more positive spirit.

For the record, LATISM is not affiliated with any for-profit organization. We are an independent 501 (c) 4 nonprofit organization. Which means, literally, we’re not in this environment to make profits.  Our mission is to help and empower our community. We do take sponsors, and the money goes directly to fund our initiatives such as giving scholarships, funding community projects and paying for the organization and administration of our conferences and Tweetups. Our board members are all volunteers who graciously give their time and efforts to make things happen for the benefit of all. In fact, many times, we put down our own money to finance projects. Why? Because we have all come to realize the power our community has and the amazing things we can do when we can channel its beautiful energy into projects that leave a positive, lasting mark in the community. We own the financial freedom to say no (which we have done many times) to any brand or organization that doesn’t value the basic human rights of our Latino community. We are very very selective with whom we partner. And I will make sure they’re all clearly listed on this page within the week. That way we avoid further confusions.

Case in point, and on a separate note, a big hug and huge thanks to each of the 7,200 blogueros and blogueras who have completed our Blogosphere survey. Our goal was to reach 5,000 and, as always, you have exceeded our expectations. The results will be amazing: showing the power and scope of our community, backing it up with TRUE NUMBERS can benefit all of us, regardless of the field we are in.

To give you a quick peek, when we asked the Latino influencers: “If you were the President what would be your #1 priority?” 73.7% has selected “Education” – followed by “Jobs” then “Health” and “Immigration” – the least popular was “Tax Cuts.”

It’s not too late to add your granito de arena and join this survey which will be The Largest Voice of Influential Latino(a)s. We have until May 10th to welcome new participants. So please join and apply for scholarships to the different social media conferences we have partnered with throughout the year.

Click Here To Take The Survey And Be Represented

I am particularly moved by those of you who are making donations to the scholarship funds. You are a real inspiration since I know many of you personally and I know that the donations you are making represent a sacrifice. This leads me to believe that, even if there will always be chismes and “growing pains” within our community, when we unite we can do beautiful things together. You are the reason why we keep going. You are the living example of the LATINOS UNIDOS! Thank You.



  1. monique@blogsbylatinas.com'
    clicklatina 9 years ago

    I agree with you Ana. I’ve always boasted how supportive our community is. This is a wake up call, that there are always a few bad apples that try to ruin the bunch. But those that truly believe in Latinos succeeding and becoming one will be the ones that make a true difference. I don’t think you had to justify LATISM’s role in our community to anyone, it speaks for itself. Those that truly matter know how hard the organization works to help Latinos succeed in today’s social media. And the “bad apples” will see that they are only hurting themselves in the end. Personally, as a blogger, I am learning who I can trust and who is only out to use us for their own gain. I started blogging because I love to write. I started Blogs by Latinas because I wanted people to know that Latinas blog too! There is no in-between for me. Keep up the amazing work you all do! You know you always have my support. xoxo

  2. soylamar@gmail.com'
    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    In my opinion this post was needed and I appreciate your taking the high road. I agree, these are growing pains that LATISM will endure.

    I’m proud to be associated with LATISM, the real Latinos in Social Media, the 501(c)(4) that I support because it is building bridges between the online and offline community.

    I stand behind the mission of advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community and bringing awareness in the areas of Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, and Technology.

    Let’s build capacity! Let’s build a strong community! Let’s continue demonstrating that we not only have the passion but also the professionalism, the values, and the leadership to move our community forward.

    Muy agradecida!

    Reina Valenzuela

  3. MIBODEGA AGENCY 9 years ago

    Great post Ana to put it simply. You touch on all the important points. We truly need to rise above the politics.

    Daniel Susana @Daniel_Susana
    Founder of MiBODEGA AGENCY
    The First and Only Urban Intelligence Agency in the World

  4. jlubrani@yahoo.com'
    Jlubrani 9 years ago

    Thank you for speaking up; it was much needed response.

  5. redsocialmedios@gmail.com'
    Redsocialmedios 9 years ago

    Join together we’re going to reach higher

  6. Milton 9 years ago

    Great Ana! I believe it was important to set the LATISM followers into perspective about this horrible accusation.

    Rest assure we will stay united and support LATISM because basically we are LATISM!

  7. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Thank you Daniel. To rise above the politics is our only choice if we want to bring our business to the next lever. Totally agree with you

  8. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Thank you Jennifer. I hope it has the right effect. Which isn’t to get people’s loyalty to LATISM. Instead to help everyone understand the benefits of healthy competition and the ethics involved around it. I think there is so much room for new businesses and organizations in this field. We can all co-exist and build a reputable industry if we do it right.

  9. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 9 years ago

    You’re such an inspiration Reina. Can’t wait to get you on board. Let’s make it happen sooner than later. This week!!!

  10. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Totally agree. Latinos Unidos Jamas Seran Vencidos!

  11. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 9 years ago

    My dear Monique!!! you are a pioneer in this industry. I can’t wait to see your business lead to a huge success. I have no doubt that it will happen since you are genuine and care about your community. Thank you for the love and support. I never doubt it 🙂

  12. latinosylatinasonlineblogera@gmail.com'
    LLOnlineblogera 9 years ago

    Great note Ana. BTW, you should definitely display those brands/organization which are not backed up by the #Latism brand so everyone in the social media sphere knows who they are. Most likely, they are the ones who have steered all this trouble.

    Keep up the good work.


  13. soylamar@gmail.com'
    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    Yes! let’s do it!

  14. giantspeedy@yahoo.com'
    carogonza 9 years ago

    It’s sad that there are always people who will try and stir the pot. When I read the articles in question, I was even surprised LATISm was mentioned since I thought everyone knew LATISm was a non-profit organization who does its own thing. And that thing has never been about sheer profit but for promoting the Latino(a) community at large.

    It does not surprise me, however, that people love the chisme. It is part of life whether it be Latinos or others. Luckily, I believe that most people who are part of LATISM and who have been to events and twitter parties know that LATISM is different.

  15. soylamar@gmail.com'
    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    Unfortunately, some people don’t see the difference between competitive and cannibalistic approaches. “Healthy” competition requires maturity and excellence.

    You rise above the competition when you uphold high ethical standards and demonstrate that you have both: maturity and excellence.

    I foresee LATISM earning the the support of peers, the loyalty of followers, and the respect of true competitors.


  16. sofritomediagroup@gmail.com'
    George Torres 9 years ago


    These are the truest words you have ever written…

    Latinos Unidos is a movement that I not only support but will become an ambassador for. There is enough business out there for real professionals to make their mark…there is no need to divide and conquer.

    We have too many obstacles already than to have to be an obstacle to each other.

    Latinos Unidos!

  17. juliorvarela@v5group.net'
    julito77 9 years ago

    This had to be written and had to be said. As someone who has seen LATISM from the very beginning, it is THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK FOR LATINOS around. LATISM is all about sharing, charing, supporting, and mentoring. I am proud to call people like Ana, Elianne, Gio, UrbanJibaro and others my family! Much love to all those who prophesize LATISM for what it is: a place that empowers Latino social media influentials and gives them the tools to succeed. When one of us succeeds we ALL DO! ¡VIVA LATISM!

  18. blanca@blancastella.com'
    blancastella 9 years ago

    Great words Reina in response to this post. I couldn’t have said it better. Ditto! As they say…. United We stand. Divided We Fall.

  19. Co-Op Web 9 years ago

    Thank you Ana for clearing the air, being an inspiration and a spearhead in our unity. What do you suggest a solid and forward motion next step should be in order facilitate Latinos Unidos?

  20. robert@latinosonsuccess.com'
    Robert Zuniga 9 years ago

    keep pushing forward….
    your skills and talents are needed and appreciated!

  21. Synbad Ontiveros 9 years ago

    Saying and doing are two different things…. For Latism to be united ALL Latinos must be represented and given a voice, what matters to puerto ricans, dominicans, chilean, cubans and the other latinos doesn’t necessarily reflect what matte…rs to Chicanos and Mexican Americans or Latinos from Texas to California …Every single group of Latinos ever formed has always became a group with certain cliques dominating the group and thus the politics of the group stall the group and creates division… hope Latism is different

  22. ana@spanglishbaby.com'
    Ana L. Flores 9 years ago

    Bravo, Ana! thank you for speaking up. I have honestly been hurt by everything that has been going on below and above the surface for some months now. This can´t continue to be a Pink Elephant in the room.
    When I launched Latina Bloggers Connect lat November I truly did it with the intentions to bring paid opportunities the community I adore was screaming for. Of course, it´s also meant to be a source of income for my family, and I feel luck to be able to do something I love, believe in and that helps my community and myself.
    I believe there´s enough “pie” for all and the attitude needs to be of collaboration, openness and respect, no matter what our differences.
    I respect Latism and its mission. You can count me in as a Latism amiga!

  23. ergeekgoddess@gmail.com'
    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    Thanks so much to all of you who have posted, reposted and RT’d this message. As part of an organization that has always called upon unity in word and in deed, I am glad we can discuss this openly, take steps towards resolution and move onwards and upwards, together!
    LATISM will continue, as we have up until now, connecting Latinos of all colors, shapes and sizes online, building the bridges that connect us to the offline community, and working to channel our collective positive energy into initiatives that benefit EVERYONE.
    Your love and support is the chispa that lights up our path. Thanks for walking this journey next to us. Pa’ tras ni para tomar impulso, mi gente!

  24. svivar9087@gmail.com'
    svivar9087 9 years ago

    Airing dirty laundry in public….que verguenza. Por eso estamos como estamos

  25. alom@analydia.com'
    Ana Lydia Ochoa 9 years ago

    Anna: it’s unfortunate that only a few weeks ago I vented with you because an “idea” was stolen from me/us (padma media and marketing). Your suggestion at the time was to take the high road and just let it be. But sometimes we can’t just “let things go.” In this situation, we have to do what you just did: Take the bull by the horns and call it as it is. This situation, although unfortunate because it involves more than one person and discredits our profession as a whole, is not an one-off instance. It happens more often than not. And it’s all due to people (or so called professionals) acting with a scarcity mentality instead of taking a collaborative team-building professional stance. As professionals, we have to admit when others are more experienced in certain aspects of our industry and partner to build a better strategic plan and service for our client. We can’t act simply and follow the ‘greens’ because this is what happens. And ‘this’ is exactly why our community isn’t taken seriously in the general business community.

  26. orietta1225@gmail.com'
    Orietta De La Villa 9 years ago

    Together we can make a different! Latina from Colombia
    Orietta De La Villa

  27. Orietta De La Villa 9 years ago

    Together we can make a difference! Latina from Colombia!
    Orietta De La Villa

  28. growingbilingual@comcast.net'
    Silke 9 years ago

    Ana, I’m new in LATISM but I liked the way that you and the rest of the organization works. It’s not an easy work, and you all give us so much, many opportunities to learn through other latinos in business. You have all my support y pondre mi “granito de arena” to build a strong latino industry of professionals. I’m latina and I’m proud of it. Let’s show everybody that we can work together!

  29. angela@d2ec23.com'
    Angela 9 years ago

    I agree with you Ana – we should really come together instead of trying to undermine each other!

  30. nancymarmolejo@gmail.com'
    Nancy Marmolejo 9 years ago

    I missed todo el chisme so I don’t really know what happened, but Ana I admire you for coming forward and speaking your part. You did so with grace and tact.

    Reading between the lines I can only imagine what may have sparked this.

    If it’s infighting, etc…. There is plenty of pie to go around for EVERYONE, and anyone who tries to provoke fear or “we were here first” or “you don’t belong here” is foolish. I don’t even know if that’s what happened, but whateva, I agree about standing Unidos and to stand strong.

  31. carlos@d2c3c.com'
    Carlos 9 years ago

    What an inspiration! If 5000 (or even 10% of that) can unite together, that would make an impact for all latinos around the world!

  32. fico@d2ec.com'
    Fico 9 years ago

    I agree with you – it doesn’t matter what kind of Latino you are – we all need to unite together under one strong voice in order to be heard and not create divisions amongst our society.

  33. gabriel@d24ed.com'
    Gabriel 9 years ago

    A friend of mine recently went to a Hispanic web blog conference that cost about $1000 and everyone kept trashing other Hispanic people. People want to go to these things to learn and have a positive experience. You’re right – we don’t need to always hug and kiss but we need to have respect for each other!

  34. carla@d2ec.com'
    Carla 9 years ago

    I agree with you George. There are so many of us out there who want to make their mark and we can do this by being united instead of trying to divide and conquer. Why make so many obstacles for each other, when we can reach the top together?

  35. juan@d2ec.com'
    Juan 9 years ago

    Ana, what an inspiring post! Latinos Unidos is very important. What are some things that I can do to help this cause?

  36. manuela@d24c.com'
    Manuela 9 years ago

    I agree with your example of the Jewish people. No matter how much the world goes against them (eg the Holocaust), they can still rise up. This is the same with the Chinese people around the world… how can these two minorities be such a force in the world, even as migrants? By being united. It is time for us to unite now!!

  37. paul@d24c.com'
    Paul 9 years ago

    Unfortunately there are always going to be a few bad apples ruining the basket in pretty much everything. Bad apples are the ones who will hurt in the end but it’s up to all of us who want to see Latism grow not to fall.

  38. querian@d23e.com'
    Queta 9 years ago

    I agree – that saying is really apt right now. Thank you Ana for being brave enough to confront this issue. I can see that a lot of people want to unite together which is just fantastic!

  39. robert@dwdc2c.com'
    Robert 9 years ago

    I agree with you, Manuela. Unity is the only way to go forward, regardless of whether you a majority or minority. How does the enemy win? By splitting people apart. How does the victor win? By being united in force.

  40. ronaldo@d24ecc.com'
    Ronaldo 9 years ago

    Well there’s always the survey which hopefully should help Ana to figure out what to do next. How about online conferences?

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